Why BeeSafe Organic Fertilizer is the Better Organic Choice

Did you experience organic failure? Here’s the reason why!
Many lawn care services have attempted to implement an organic lawn care program in the past and unfortunately the results have been less than stellar. What’s worse than asking your customers to change the way they handle their lawn care requirements only to find that the quality of turf decreases significantly while the cost of the service increases significantly. The result is an increased cancel rate and a word of mouth situation that you do NOT want to be involved with.
What was the problem with first generation organics?
There were essentially two major issues concerning the use of first generation organics; efficacy and cost.
Few people understand why, but the application of a natural or organic granular fertilizer is just about the slowest release source of lawn food you can find. That is unless you have the patience to wait for a few years while soil biology improves beneath your lawn. Not addressing soil biology when it comes to the care of turf is a recipe for disaster.
The problem with organic granular fertilizers is that they are water INSOLUBLE. Have you ever applied granular corn gluten as a fertilizer to your lawn only to see that the yellow granules remain on the surface many months later? The reason for this is because corn gluten and other forms of natural fertilizer can take many months to break down and be available to the turf.
Secondly, in order to begin to achieve the desired results with a granular fertilizer it typically must be applied at a rate that makes it entirely cost prohibitive. Many lawn care companies cut that rate in half in order to stretch margins as far as they could. What was a bad situation in terms of efficacy to begin with became even worse when the products were not being applied appropriately.
How is the Bee Safe line of products different?
The Bee Safe program acknowledges this issue and has come up with patented technology to help sources of nutrition, like Nitrogen be more readily available to turf. With a wide and varying consortium of microorganisms that are applied as part of the program throughout the course of the year, the Bee Safe line of products not only makes nutrition more readily available it improves the soil food web as well.

Want to Know more and how much it costs?   Shoot us an Email @ rob@hardscapeslandscaping.com


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